I have been a real estate agent since 1999. The years since have seen my city, my family, and my business grow. My children are older and my laugh lines deeper but one thing that hasn’t changed is the way I work. In 1999 I began this journey providing truly personal service to my very first clients, and today I can say with sincerity that I am still doing the very same thing.

Real Estate is more tech based, more streamlined and more talked about everyday BUT at the end of the day my job is simple and real and hasn’t changed a bit…I help my clients make the biggest moves of their lives. I help my sellers prepare and list their houses and sell for a price that lets them move on. I help my buyers meet, fall in love with and purchase their new homes. I help my investors make solid choices for their futures. I help my clients get what they need, whatever that may be.

My wife will tell you that I am a good choice for one reason—because I am the very best. I am in no position to comment on her opinion BUT what I do know is this: I am the same ‘me’ in my personal and professional lives. I give myself to every interaction and immerse myself in the moment and all it holds. The real me is far from perfect but is wholehearted, intentional and true. And that’s what I offer to my clients, friends and family.


Our acclaim as key players at the apex of Calgary’s real estate market since 1999 guarantees you’ll get premier professional support.

Our trademark focus on real relationships and better service guarantees that when working with us you will feel better at every step.



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“Gotta Serve Somebody”

How you benefit from our customized, real service

We aren’t pushy. People tell us this makes them feel much more comfortable. We notice it helps you open up more, which helps us improve your results.

Helping you find a home that best fits your lifestyle is as important as it gets, so we invest the necessary time and work to ensure you get the right fit. The perfect fit is the best feeling of all for people, that’s why we do whatever it takes, until you get that feeling.

The ability to sincerely connect with all kinds of people and earn their complete trust comes down to a lot more than being likeable – it starts and ends with truly enjoying our work, which is helping people.

We really are there to understand your situation, needs, and work in your best interest. This comes across quickly, and clearly, and people feel they can trust us.

As two born and raised Calgarian’s and family oriented guys, we can relate easily with many people and commit to real, strong connections with all our clients.

Compassion and positive support can mean a lot; and help people a great deal in certain situations. This is life. This is real service.