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Welcome to Real Estate. Right. Now. Columbia Valley!

I have been working in real estate since 1999. I began this journey providing truly personal service to my very first clients, and today I can say with sincerity and pride that I am still doing the very same thing. 

I am a born and raised Calgarian but both of my parents grew up in the Kootenays. My connection to the area has always been rooted in this and I consider myself a third generation resident. When my children were born, all I wanted was a place to call ours in the Columbia Valley so that they would get to feel the enduring family connection and be a part of growing their own roots in this amazing place. Now that my boys are older, I have the amazing opportunity to work in both provinces and to serve you as a professional with experience, knowledge, and a true understanding of what it means to call two places home.



Quite simply because I am the same ‘me’ in my personal and professional lives. I give myself fully to every interaction and immerse myself in the moment and all it holds. I take my work very seriously and view each opportunity as a privilege. I help my clients make the biggest moves of their lives, I help my sellers prepare and list their houses and sell for a price that lets them move on and I help my buyers meet, fall in love with, and purchase their new homes. 

I help my clients get what they need, whatever that may be…and I now have the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between what is for many a weekly trip between the mountains and the city. I will be able to expand your market reach, meet you where you are when you need me, and provide professional and proven marketing tools, exposure, and materials at the standards you have come to expect.  The real me is far from perfect but is wholehearted, intentional, and true. And that’s what I offer to my clients, friends, and family. Reach out today to get started on your next step...wherever your path leads!


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