If you’re buying a home, think about your goals, needs, and ultimate dreams


If you’re buying a home, think about your goals, needs, and ultimate dreams



Lifestyle = Community

whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or moving for work or personal reasons, success in real estate isn’t just an intricate and demanding experience, it’s intensely personal.

  • The right schools, safety, and green spaces can be a big part of what community means to you.

  • Community can also be defined by specific kinds of entertainment and culture, or the accessibility of certain amenities.

  • Your neighbours, architecture, and general aesthetics can often be influential aspects that affect your choices.
  • Additionally, proximity to transportation, work, family, and friends, can all be primary factors for some people.

  • Ultimately, community is characterized by your unique nature and situation; in combination with your whole family’s needs and desires.

No matter what you’re looking for, community plays a big role in a life-changing decision.

Finances = Future

Do you have specific constraints or goals? Maybe you’re just starting to think about moving and still have a lot of questions. Your home is your centre of operations in life and it’s crucialto enjoy living there. Helping you find your next dream home is truly our shared joy. Working with you to ensure you make the best long-term financial decisions possible has even further reaching implication for your lasting happiness.

  • Expert financial advice and market sense are key to capitalizing on opportunities and avoiding pitfalls. When purchasing real estate it’s critical to ensure you have the highest quality representation you can.

  • Constantly fluctuating oil and gas markets are the lifeblood of the Alberta economy and this means that Calgary and its closest suburbs of Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, and Cochrane, can beintricate markets for people to navigate without the guidance of an experienced professional who has dedicated their career to analysing how the ups and downs of natural resources affect the corresponding real estate market.
  • Often overlooked, a major financial factor to consider is how new infrastructure plans and development projects like roads, transit expansions, commercial construction, zoning changes, and even new communities - can both enhance, or deflate the value of your home or property.

  • Lastly, life is complicated and can bring a myriad of unique challenges. For example couples sometimes separate, which not only affects your lifestyle requirements it can also make your real estate transactions more complex and financially strenuous. Working with professionals who have lots of first-hand experience in these situations can make a world of difference, bringing you added comfort, greater ease, and better results.

From Alberta’s especially volatile market, to the modern complexities of marketing and the rich nuances to contemporary lifestyle, we have the proven first-class skills and experience you need to ensure your optimal success

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A house is more than just a building, more than just an investment, more than the biggest purchase you will ever make. A house is a base of operations, a nest egg, a space for your dreams to take shape, and your accomplishments to come to rest—a house is a home for all that matters.”

- Kevin Thygesen

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