Anytime you’re selling property, the financial impact can be enormous. For most of us, these transactions are the biggest of our lives. Every detail can have serious implications and every dollar adds up to your future being brighter!

Better Process = Better Results

Get the right knowledge and experience working for you.

Whether you are new or experienced at selling property, the bullet points below quickly explain the most essential elements we will focus on with you, to ensure you achieve a better selling price, for your ideal terms.

Remember, because your needs are also unique, the right approach means all areas discussed below are also customized and personalized to guarantee you get the right results.

Marketing Strategy = Sales Success

Pivotal elements – personalized, precision execution – powerful results

The work we do helping our clients buy and sell homes has to be personalized, because everything around the decision has an emotional element, a level of attachment, and a connection that makes these transactions more than just a sale. It is important to me that everything I do as a realtor respects and honours the significance of every part of the process, from the first meeting to the final signature.

- Kevin Thygesen

Set the Stage for Successful Showings and
Optimal Results

Showings Are Huge

We’ve highlighted many critical items that go into preparing and selling your property and optimizing your results. Buyer’s initial showings are important in their own powerful way as they are the first personal introduction with your house. This is the time your house needs to be in its most ideal condition. Even the little things can have huge positive or negative effects on your results.

Buyers can easily be turned off by many common mistakes that we’ll help you avoid. After assessing your unique situation we’ll provide you with a few key thingsto think about and focus on to ensure better showings. The first important thing to consider is the right listing price.

Pricing it right at the beginning.

The first 5 weeks is your “golden window” when most of your showings will occur. Beyond the 5 week mark, stats show your home will increasingly be seen as a stale listing - i.e. as a commodity with a history of being rejected by other buyers. Consequently, there will be less market buzz, less showings, less offers and you’re less likely to get your asking price.

It’s common to be tempted to list your property for a higher price to test the market, but devastating to results. Giving you a strong start by determining the proper price, not only yields more viewings, but potentially competing offers, which gives you the best opportunity for a sale with the highest price and most favourable terms.


Explore Your Options...

It is always a good idea to explore your options when choosing a realtor. There are a lot of real estate professionals in this city and it is important to find the best one for you. I feel confident that when we meet you will recognize that you are meeting a hard working professional who puts his client’s needs first. I ask only for the chance to get together and discuss your goals. Coffee is on me!